Friday, September 9, 2011

Out Lobsterin' #3

Captain Clive

Captain Clive; all round great personality and right out of central casting!

How to Indentify a Female Lobster

The Captain explains how to identify a female lobster (the little feathery bits on her undercarriage.) We also discuss crippling regulations and competitive lobster fishing practices. He quickly warms up to the subject of a fisherman setting his traps on top of his. The Captain will give three warnings before he cuts the offending line.

Baby Lobster

Another trap is hauled into the boat and we find a baby lobster. It's already had a scrape, or two, because the tiny crustacean is missing a claw. It will grow back.

Too Small!

Disappointment! Captain Clive tosses an under size lobster back into the water.

Banding Lobster Claws

Cage shows the children how to band a lobster claw and they all practice. Naturally, they want to know if Cage has ever experienced that notorious pinch. "Yes!" and he has scars to prove it. He goes on to say, "if they grab on to your hand, don't shake 'em cause they won't let go. Let 'em hang real still and they'll drop right off." I honestly wonder if I could do that..."let 'em hang real still."


  1. Hello Carol:
    The Captain looks to be a true sea salt!! We are not so sure that we should, for ourselves, wish to be quite so close to a lobster let alone have one hanging from one's hand!

  2. I have so enjoyed reading this small series. I bet the children were thrilled with their time on a fishing boat. I know I would be - at least, the inner child would be. Mind you, like the baby lobster, I'd have to grow sea legs.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words about my photos Carol. It meant a lot! The trip was wonderful-but of course there's no place like home!! Especially if it's Maine and not Kansas !! The Captain sure looks like right in character! Wonderful lobster buoys!!

  4. Jane and Lance ~ We were all a little happier when those gaping claws were banded!

    Blue ~ Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed the series. The trip was a wonderful way for the children to appreciate Maine, its best known industry and work ethic. I know you would have loved the harbor viewed from the boat...even with budding sea legs!

    Rain ~ Welcome home! There is nothing to compare with the scents of salt and pine when crossing the state line. As much as I love to travel, I never get over the wonder of that moment.


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