Thursday, July 22, 2010


We turn on the tap and clean water fills our glass. We do this dozens of times a day and we do it mindlessly, letting it bleed from its underground source to sluice down our drains. People have fought for water, many starve from the lack of it. Blood water, water and oil....more precious than oil.

The cottages in our area are precariously perched on the shoreline. Our shallow wells slowly recover and we all know the sound of a pump sucking air and debris. Some have water that turns brackish as the water table drops from heavy use. We have a rusty vein that produces water the color of tea. This summer we installed a complex filtration system and the water immediately turned crystal clear. It is a miracle and every drop is a gift! Beautiful water.


  1. Beautiful water it is through your keen eyes & keenly aware mind.

  2. I love the way water beads on the side of the glass about a day after its poured. The first photo is particularly beautiful. I've just driven 65 miles home in 90+ sunshine and the first thing I did on getting home was to go to the tap and drink. So easy to forget how lucky we are having good, tasty and healthy water at the turn of a lever,

  3. Beautiful water, gorgeous photograph. Yes- the first one .

  4. We do take so much for granted. We have such ready access to water that we spray it on our lawns when the "need" arises. However, I know it is precious at the cottage. Your excellent photos do a wonderful job of showcasing glasses of crystal clear drinking water.

  5. Barbara, oh my...thank you so much!

    Blue ~ Thank you for your compliment on the photo!

    Years ago, when we lived in Bahrain, I had to go to a water purification plant for all our drinking and cooking water. I still remember lugging those huge containers home in the the heat...and being somewhat ungracious and grumpy with a visitor for heedlessly scooping fistfuls of ice cubes from the freezer into his drink!

    little augury ~ Thank you!

    Fred ~ Thank you Lil' Bro! We'll have a water tasting when you arrive :-) !!

  6. The first looks like a Monet! So beautiful. Yes to water and its simple grace. We now use a Waterwise distiller. It takes four hours to "make" water. I carry it up from basement to kitchen. Every time I do it, I feel like a pioneer woman. I'd say that ungrateful guest was lucky he only got your "grumpy." After hauling water in the heat and I mean heat with a capital H, I think he deserved much "better" than grumpy!

    p.s. Looking forward to JCB and her gentleman reports when they get to Maine. Still think planting trees at some historic site would be a great blog response to this joyous occasion.

  7. home before dark ~ Thank you! I really appreciate the comparison!

    I'll google Waterwise distiller! Are you on a well? Your description reminds me of my grandmother making trips down to her Falmouth, Maine root cellar which I found fascinating and a little bit creepy too.

    One more Bahrain observation: Our water was pumped to a holding tank on the flat roof of our house. Even the "cold" was scalding in summer!

    I'm counting the days until J & J arrive and praying for good weather! I love the idea of planting trees at historic sites as a blog response...the proposal was under a crabapple tree!

  8. Not on a well, but our city water in Lawrence is less than wonderful. More than one person has called it unctuous...I always assumed they meant greasy rather than buttery like a chardonnay. We are in the middle of farming country and the pesticide runoff cannot be good! Every time we travel, or simply have water in a local eatery, we come home and marvel about how much better our "homemade" water tastes. Talk to JCB about if/where for trees and let's do this. I think in this time of environmental stress in our bay waters, how lovely to look to the future with the hope of trees.

  9. home before dark ~ I looked at your really is "homemade" water! Haha, I always called our cottage well water "full bodied and chewy."

    I have passed on your thoughts to JCB. I know she will be deeply touched.

  10. this is a great post - I often give silent thank yous for the fact that I live surrounded by clean, drinkable water.

  11. 365 Tage ~ Thank you very much for stopping by with your comment....and for your thoughts about not taking this precious resource for granted.


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