Friday, July 2, 2010

Online in Maine ~ Random Memory #17 ~ Maine

Both Peter and our daughter, JCB, have an eye for all things tiny and intricate. It is as if their vision has a built-in zoom lens and I have been the fortunate recipient of countless miniature gifts. Sometimes their offerings are opalescent shells, frosted sea glass, smooth pebbles, doll sized bouquets of bluets and lily of the valley and many other treasures too numerous to count. The little presents rarely come with an explanation, there is no need.

Random Memory #17 ~ Maine

Wordlessly, a bit of pine lands on my laptop while I am online in Maine...


  1. Oh yes, those small things. The beauty of the miniature and the happiness in finding treasures - and that is what they are. I once had a collection of blue and white shards - for me it's the broken things that compel.

  2. A little piece of perfection. xo

  3. Blue ~ The little broken things tell a story...and you are so good at that!

    Janet ~ You would be the first to see the perfection...xo

  4. "To see the world in a grain of sand?" Love that M. Nature sent a small bouquet your way. Have a happy fourth and stay away from the mainus black fly gigantica.

  5. I don't have good eyesight, but I love to make tiny bouquets from miniature flowers. There's just something inherently adorable about smaller versions of the familiar - and I love flowers at all scales :D

  6. We get little gifts everyday, sometimes we are too busy to see them. We are blessed. Part of my gift list is knowing JCB & her mother.

  7. Just the kind of gifts I treasure as well.

  8. home before dark ~ It is so hard to get to the computer in a bustling house and to ignore these long summer days, so I am very late with wishes for a happy 4th!

    Rachel ~ I agree! The tiny doll size bouquets are the sweetest!

    Barbara ~ So kind....thank you.

    marianne359 ~ They are dear, aren't they...really, what more do you need?!


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