Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On a small Maine island...#4 ~ The Osprey

There have always been nesting ospreys on the island for as long as I can remember. We have watched them fishing and have seen them soar with their catch high above the boat. Once, we observed a dramatic aerial battle with a lazy bald eagle trying to steal a large fish from the osprey's clutch. The incredible scene lasted for quite some time. The two raptors circled and looped and performed dizzying dives until the more agile osprey finally eluded the larger clumsy would-be thief.

Even though the island is inhabited, we are always careful to leave no trace of our presence, but the ospreys know we are there and swoop and circle high above with their familiar squeaky "cheep cheep." After taking a few photographs, we climb aboard the boat and leave them in peace.


  1. that is a beautiful bird... never seen anything like it in real life!

  2. Love the shot at the nest...

  3. Punctuation Mark ~ I hope you will, sometime!

    Barbara, thank you, my favorite too!

  4. I am not a true birder but I do find their rituals fascinating. Sounds like a quiet retreat from your earlier days this month. Lucky for us you took your camera (or is it surgically attached?).

  5. home before dark ~ Life in the slow lane is about to pick up with the much anticipated arrival of JCB and her gentleman (and they are bravely stopping off to pick up two of our grandchildren!)

    :D...yes, my camera is surgically attached. I've missed shots of a lifetime the few times I've forgotten it!


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