Friday, April 30, 2010

Flickr Dogs in Maine ~ Celebrating Shiner's 11th Birthday

Happy Birthday Shiner!

Caddy, a beautiful, goofy German Shorthair Retriever and Shiner's Mere Point buddy!


Jack of The Meadow.


A wolf/husky mix puppy I saw on the steps going down to Sand Beach at Acadia National Park. It was a difficult shot because he wouldn't stop moving and wiggling all over. Oddly enough, it is my most viewed and googled in my flickr stream with 771 hits!

Dear old Shiner; plucky, trusting, loving and full of shih tzu attitude. Huge vet bills! Here is her song!


  1. Happy birthday Sha Sha! Here's wishing you lots of chickie?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Shiner appreciates all your good wishes! :-)

  4. So good to know that Janet is used to dogs. Ours is a Puli, a herder, who bosses us around regularly. I am sure he will have no trouble herding her tomorrow. Wish you could come as well. Surely you will be down this way for a visit.

  5. BWS ~ We are a family of dog people, so Janet will surely be in her element...I know she is looking forward to her visit with you very very much! And thank you! I will be with you both in spirit!

  6. Cute pictures - particularly the first one :D


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