Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You could almost believe...

This would have been perfect except for the sunglasses!

One of the things I love about historic Williamsburg is the presentation of crafts people, shopkeepers and tour guides dressed in colonial attire. Many stay 'in character' while they interact with visitors, although I discovered they are a challenge to photograph without including information from today's world. At a glance, perhaps, you can almost believe...


  1. Well, what I believe is that you have raised a lovely, thoughtful daughter who will always remember one warm spring evening at Dumbarton Oaks. You are being thought of down here in Maryland.

  2. BWS ~ Thank you! I know your correspondence means the world to Janet and that she draws daily inspiration from your writing and beautiful photographs.

    I really do appreciate your kind words...and being thought of, when my heart is down south!


  3. Congratulations are in order. I know much happiness (and great photos) will be on the way.

  4. I commented elsewhere recently that years ago I arrived one blue-skied, snowy morning to find myself the only person walking along the main street. I could have believed.

  5. home before dark ~ I did chuckle at your perceptive comment on JCB's blog, but I wasn't at all surprised by your perceptive remark! Thank you for your good wishes!

    blue ~ There are moments in Williamsburg that are like that, quiet times when you can really see through the window to the past. The experience is unforgettable. I'm so glad it happened for you!

  6. It is almost like you are an interloper in time! Great photos mom! And thank you to everyone for such sweet comments.


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