Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Jackalope

Shy and secretive, these Maine natives can occasionally be seen in Ellsworth, Maine.

I'll be back soon! Off to D.C. to see JCB!


  1. Ssssshhh!!!. Have you forgotten how bad it was with all the scientists running around the last time a jackalope was sighted up here?

  2. dilettante ~ Oh dear, it seems I have inadvertently let the jackalope out of the bag! It's awfully nice down south, btw!

  3. Meanwhile, down south, we will be hunting snipe.

  4. Several sighted in antique stores in Lawrence, Kansas. Am told by many oldsters that jackalope used to roam the plains. I think a roasted jackalope stuffed with snipe might make a hearty fare for those with really big imaginations. Happy Easter to all.

  5. JCB ~ A perfect Easter!

    Patricia ~ I'm certain that's exactly what we had at The King's Arms in Williamsburg...traditional colonial fare in very good company! A very happy Easter to you!


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