Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter ~ Happy Spring ~ Random Memory #9 ~ Turkey

Happy Easter from smilla4! Cookie from Three Labs Bakery, Rockport, Maine

Random Memory #9 ~ Turkey

The Easter Holiday will occur in the middle of our trip to Turkey and after some discussion, we decide to delay the bunny's arrival until we return home to Tehran. I know hiding baskets, fuzzy chicks and eggs will be impossible in our crammed suitcases. JCB and her brother, we hope, will be sufficiently distracted by traveling to realize the Holiday has slipped past unacknowledged.

When Easter arrives, we are staying in a lovely little hotel in Antalya. Outside the children's door is a small basket with four bilious green dyed eggs. I am touched beyond words at this kind and generous gesture. The children stare at the eggs...the color really is awful. I think of the Easter baskets at home that I have already decorated and tell them that offering a basket of green eggs is a traditional symbol of welcome in Antalya.

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