Monday, July 25, 2011

Shore Dinner

Fishermen's Co-op 01

A summer's afternoon at the Fishermen's Co-op in Pemaquid, Maine. Colorful lobster traps and a pile of buoys are stacked high.This is a working waterfront, the kind I love best.

Fishermen's Co-op 03

There is a small building nearby with tables and benches. The view beyond is serene, boats are moored in the bay and the far shore is dotted with cottages.


Live lobsters slowly glide in the tank, it is a gentle waltz that is mesmerizing to watch.

Shore Dinner

We order the shore dinner and it is exactly the way it should be, without embellishment. I'm rather picky about this...there should be lobster, steamers, corn, cole slaw and melted butter. Period. We supplied chilled wine, beer, glasses, love and laughter.

Afternoon Shadows

...and gazed out at the lengthening shadows beyond, sun still warm on our shoulders. Perfection in Maine.


  1. hi! hope you are well and having a wonderful summer. if this post is any indication it has been fabulous! we are long overdue for a trip over to Maine.... and some lobsta!


  2. Hello Joan! How very nice to hear from you! We have been running flat out all summer, but life has calmed down a little and I am looking forward to catching up on your old house creativity. I'm ready to be inspired!

    The lobsters are waiting for you in Maine...



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