Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Maine Coast 4th


A Maine coast 4th of July....thick fog in the morning, perhaps rain...will we have the boat parade? Excited children with piles of decorations, tape, string and scissors are all waiting in case of a miraculous weather change. At last the sun burns through and many hands are eager to get to work on the boats. Word is passed from cottage to cottage and at the (new!) appointed time, all the boats are lined up and ready to go.






4th of July 01

4th of July 03

After a bar-b-que and sparklers at home, we all go to watch the spectacle of the fireworks with our neighbors.

Walking Home

...until the dark walk home as the fog rolls in once again.


  1. Hello Carol:
    A parting not of the waves, but of the fog!! This looks to have been tremendous fun and how we should have enjoyed the sights and sounds of this informal July 4th. Day afloat!!

    And then to end it all with a firework display - total magic.

  2. Hello Jane & Lance ~ Sorry to take so long to respond, we have had a full house and non-stop activity. The 4th had an inauspicious start (so typical of Maine!) and then exceeded all expectations (also typical!) and was truly wonderful in its simplicity.


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