Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chipmunk Wars cont...

Chipmunk Wars cont.


  1. Love these sketches!! I could actually hear Cooper howling on the 4th of July sketch. Hope all is well up there.

  2. no longer living in the country with a huge barn, we somehow thought that we were immune from chipmunky incursions and left the sunflower seed container uncovered in the garage. A few mornings ago I spied one of those darlings hiding behind some wood right near the pail. As we have a mesh screen that hangs like a curtain between garage and kitchen, I battened down the top and closed the garage door. Later that day my neighbor, who bought one of those mesh curtains, too, had that little rascal in his living room for a spell. Cute little varmints--hard to be mad at them. Especially when they sit in the sun and sing on a summer day.....

  3. Barbara ~ It's funny, Cooper keeps his cool during a thunderstorm, but was apprehensive during the fireworks. None of our dogs ever enjoyed the 4th!

    All's well in Maine, have just been blessed with family for two weeks. I hope you are enjoying your summer too!

    Mike ~ What a charming anecdote! I have to agree with you, chipmunks rank #1 at the top of the rodent cuteness scale! Thank heavens Cooper has never actually caught one, but he does give them a good work-out!


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