Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cool Off!

Swimming in Casco Bay

The record breaking heat reached Maine yesterday. We are not used to temperatures soaring skyward to the 100s and few houses have air conditioning. It is a rare day when I dust the seldom used fan and it worked hard to move the thick sluggish air through the cottage. Eventually I took the plunge into cold, deep salt water...salt water that freezes in winter.


  1. Wasn't today (Sunday) a gift?? Fresh, cool Maine air again!

  2. Mike ~ Today was a blessing, we aren't equipped for that kind of heat. I remember it from Bahrain, but we lived in air conditioning for most of the year.

  3. OMG: heat without AC!!!! Saturday we had a heat index of was like putting yourself into a convection oven. Modest rain yesterday...humid like you would not believe today. JEEZ LOUISE! Hope you and Cooper are cool. (Do Doxies swim?)

  4. home before dark ~ We had two truly miserable days (no AC!) before the heat broke, but at least I had the option of jumping in the water...and did! Nothing can compare with the weather you have experienced this summer. That searing humid heat is dangerous!

    Cooper refuses to dip his stubbly little feet in the water and even if he would, he'd hate the cold. I put the fan on the floor and his bed in front of it and there he stayed. Back in rare form now that the temp has dropped.


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