Monday, July 11, 2011

Only in Maine



It was early in the season, a gray chilly Maine day, that called for a steaming bowl of fish chowder at the Dolphin Restaurant in Harpswell, Maine. JCB noticed the handbag and car keys hanging on the coat rack first. It's true, we never lock our houses or cars until summer when the folks from "away" arrive. When you cross the state line there is a sign that says "Maine, the way life should be." It really is.




Scenes from the Dolphin Marina, still serene in late June.


  1. Hello Carol:
    As always we are struck by what a very beautiful part of the USA Maine is with its wonderful coastline which seems to us, from your images, to be so natural and unspoilt.

    And the significance of the keys on the hook in a public place is not lost on us. Now that is to go back more years than we could possibly count! Long may it be so for you.

  2. Lovely in every way. The only thing that is off the mark in Maine is that nutcake governor. Since we have our own, what can I say? Love the shimmering water views. With our heat index over 100 this week I may copy them and plaster my room with the images to cool down a bit.

  3. Those perfect spots of red and blue- Maine looks of heaven today- here it promises to be 102 in the shade- all gray and gray. pgt

  4. Jane & Lance ~ It's lovely to see my Maine (and post) through your eyes, thank you. Yes, I hope it will always be safe to hang the keys on the coat peg...that kind of trust is part of the Maine personality.

    home before dark ~ Ha! We do have 'rockin' Senators! We may be the coolest place in the country today...even so, the humidity is thick over the bay and Cooper was splayed out on his back in the grass earlier...looking totally ridiculous (may need to post a Cooper Doodle!)

    pgt ~ Thank you! I would dearly love to share the breeze through our open windows while you and the rest of the country wilt in horrible heat.


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