Monday, March 18, 2013

Low Tide

Dead Low Tide 01

When I took this a few days ago one could almost believe spring might actually arrive. The wind was biting, but the sun was warm. The tide was very low in our shallow bay and for many people, that is when water views are less attractive...even smelly from decaying plant and animal life. It's actually a time when the shore is alive with wildlife. As a fellow Mainer and Flickr friend wrote, Heh, that was essentially my playground as a kid. Any wonder I became a biologist?

Dead Low Tide 02

The view looking toward our small village and the firepond that is fed from the millstream seen a previous post.


It is a haven for birds and already the ducks are pairing off, the drakes loudly advertising their charms!


Despite the 8 to 10 inches of snow we may get tomorrow, our world is waking up. Next...the gulls!

You can see more detail by clicking on the photos.

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