Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Eat a Mussel (if you are a seagull)

Dead Low Tide 01

It was a day to lull the unwary into thinking spring was here when the temperature inched a little higher and the sun warmed the mud flats at low tide. Ice was disappearing in the bay and the seagulls were hungry. One by one, the gulls flew back to the rocky shore with mussels.





This gull gets a prize for originality by carrying a mussel in its claws!


The gulls flew in wide circles across the bay and over the far shore...

Seagull's Flight 02

...looking for the right rock, an isolated rock to drop the mussel.

Hungry Seagulls

Then, soaring upward, the gull drops the mussel to crack it open on the rocks below. The next time you walk along a rocky shore and see broken shells, think of the hungry gulls!

If you click on the above photo and run your cursor over the image, you can see the gull and the falling mussel.


  1. Very interesting!! You have such a talent!!
    I just realized my comments are gone from a couple of your posts- I think you answered them - so they must have been there once?!?!i wonder if this is happening on all the ones I've posted on- this computer gets beyond me sometimes! Do they show up on your end?!
    Think spring!!

    1. Hi Rain! Thank you very much! I'm not sure about your comments, but this one certainly came through! I sympathize with all computer angst...sometimes I want to throw mine out the window!

      Wintry mix tomorrow...spring delayed...again :-(

  2. WOW! That was something! Nature is not a benign force and the food chain is not pretty or fair. Have "fun" in your wintry mix (a term I have come to loathe).

    1. home before dark ~ Thank you! I agree, the gulls work hard to put a meal on the table...or rock. It's a sight I love. I've also watched them eat fries at MacDonald's which feels a little less "Born Free"...

      I'm not fond of "wintry mix" either, but that's what we've got. I hope it's spring at your house!

  3. I just find things like this so amazing. The creativity of nature always fascinates me.

    1. Optimistic Existentialist ~ So happy you enjoyed the seagulls! Thank you!


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