Saturday, March 23, 2013

Before it Melts Away

I really liked our recent cozy snowstorm with very little wind that didn't knock the power out.

Snow Plow Light Trail

A 24 second exposure, taken using a tripod and shutter release cable. The streak of red is from the lights of a passing snow plow.

Last Night's Snowfall

The only available light in this shot was from the windows across the street and a lamp post further down the road. You can't see it, but the snow was coming down quite hard. A 20 second exposure...I cut it a little shorter to emphasize the utter quiet and peace of that beautiful snowy night.

We woke up to a foot of snow the next morning! These photos are much better if you click through to Flickr and click again on the image to view in light box!


  1. We got a little early-spring snow here today as well :)

    1. Optimistic Existentialist ~ Today feels like spring, but more snow on the way tomorrow. Capricious Maine!

  2. We got about 7" of snow Sunday: big, fat snowflakes that looked like we were inside a snow globe. Supposed to be in the 50s by Thursday!

    ps I thought of you and your camera tricks when I saw a large something sitting on my garden trellis the other day. I thought it was a squirrel at first, but it was some kind of bird of prey dining on a freshly taloned crackle. It was grisly...couldn't take my eyes off it! YOU would have had great pictures!

    1. home before dark ~ I hope your spring weather is now here to stay! We have more snow on the way tomorrow...

      Sigh..."freshly taloned crackle" would make the best blog post title ever! You are right, I would definitely jump right into 'grisly' with my camera! For now, I'll have to be content with seagulls and mussels.


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