Monday, March 11, 2013

Continued ~ A Year Ago in Scotland

Fort William 01

The mist lifts for a moment and clouds part to reveal shimmer on the water in Fort William, Scotland.

A friend posted photos on Instagram this morning of Edinburgh. A light blanket of snow covered the city in scenes that looked cold and wintry. A year ago bright daffodils dotted grass that was the color of emeralds and a pale haze of pink softened the trees. On 11 March, we left spring in Edinburgh to drive through the highlands and on to skye. Below are more photos from that starkly beautiful journey.

Warm and Cozy ~ Seafood Restaurant

The neon red roof of the Seafood Restaurant was a welcoming beacon as we pulled into Fort William. It was warm and cozy inside and the food was delicious and fresh.

Eilean Donan 02

We drove on to Eilean Donan after lunch. I can't think of a more atmospheric or romantic place, no wonder it is the most photographed castle in Scotland. We didn't linger because we were anxious to get to Skye before dark, but we did have a chance to spend more time there on our return trip.

Isle of Skye

The view that greeted us just after we crossed the bridge to Skye.


A sparkling morning after a brief shower. JCB enjoys the view and Skye's pristine air.

Morning in Dunvegan 01

The Three Chimneys, Isle of Skye, Dunvegan, Scotland.

Morning in Dunvegan 05

Morning view in Dunvegan.

Pretty Farm Near Carbost 02

And off for a day of exploring, a little whiskey tasting and lots of photography. Along the way we passed this pretty farm near Carbost.

On a Narrow Twisty Road 01

A twisty narrow road beckons us forward! More of Skye later!


  1. Goodness that morning view in Dunvegan is something I have to see in my lifetime...

    1. Optimistic Existentialist ~ I hope you do! Dunvegan is off the beaten track, but incredibly beautiful!


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