Wednesday, June 20, 2012

When I Think of Maine

Morning Calm

Our cottage, nestled beside its quiet cove, always comes to mind when I think of Maine. It is a protected place for boats and swimming is delightful on the incoming tide...mud and warm rocks acting as nature's heater. Some might think of the jewel-like villages that dot the coast and others dream of Maine's mountains, rivers and lakes. The iconic images are her rocky shores, of waves crashing on ledge with a sound that quickens the pulse. The following photos are from an excursion to Acadia National Park's Thunder Hole where the waves were even more dramatic after a storm the night before. People have lost their lives in this place, ignoring warnings in extreme weather and climbing over barriers. The waves are not rhythmic, you never see the big one that will sweep you out to sea.

On the Edge

On this day waves forcefully sluiced through the cut in the rocks. The sound is like a shot from a cannon. We lingered awhile listening to the thunderous booms, but my lens was focused on foam, froth and salt spray.

Please click on the images for detail.

Thunder Hole 01

Salt Spray 02

Salt Spray 03

Salt Spray 04

Salt Spray 05

Salt Spray 06


  1. Hello Carol:
    We do love the sea in all its moods and, from your wonderful photographs, the Maine coastline has so many different faces, all of which look beautiful in their own way.

    Calm and peaceful, angry and disturbing,how fortunate you are to be able to call this place home.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ I do love to share Maine views and how gratifying to know you enjoy her many moods and seasons. Thank you!

  2. Love the sight of water pounding on the rocky shore.
    For a change, perhaps you can capture it in slow-shutter mode (like 15 - 30 sec) in the evening and see how it looks

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you, so glad you enjoyed the waves. I love your idea, although it would be difficult to carry out in that particular location. It was a challenge to keep my camera dry in those conditions!


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