Friday, June 22, 2012

Mere Point in Bloom

The rainbow of spring color arrives much later in Maine, but when it does, our world explodes in a riot of color that takes your breath away....and it happens all at once. I've been walking around Mere Point experimenting with settings while photographing everything from tiny humble bluets to flashy poppies. Coastal blossoms are always ruffled by sea breezes and here is Mere Point up close, macro in motion, Maine style!

Bluets 03

Views of the Fairy Garden 01

Views of the Fairy Garden 02

Mary's Garden 01

Mary's Garden 02

French Lilacs

Shy Columbine

Lace Hydrangea

Iris in the Memorial Garden

Poppy Splash

Fragrant Rugosa

Bachelor Buttons


  1. I grunted with pleasure (high accolade, grunting) when I opened your post and I keep going back to look at the photos.

    The first is my favorite though I must say it is bad manners to have a favorite when presented with all this beauty. What a delight!

    1. Blue ~ Thank you so much, accolade much appreciated! The first is my favorite too...although anyone would have laughed to see me crawling through the grass like a snake with a camera.

  2. The photos are fabulous...
    I've always loved the delicate columbine and your deep blue ones are a sight to behold.
    Enjoy the weekend!
    Susan x

    1. Susan ~ Thank you! Columbine is wondrous, isn't it! I love the fact they self-seed and you never know where they will pop up one year from the next.

      Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Replies
    1. home before dark ~ Thank you so much!


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