Monday, June 4, 2012

A Proposal at Saltwater Farm

Salt Water Farm ~ May 01 the first time we have arrived in bright daylight for a Full Moon Supper at Saltwater Farm. At last we can fully appreciate the view over Penobscot Bay in Lincolnville, Maine.

Newly Turned Garden

Signs of activity are everywhere. Newly turned earth shows the beginnings of new gardens and spring flowers add color beside the granite steps to the patio and kitchen. Pansies have recently been planted in terracotta pots.

Salt Water Farm ~ May 02

Salt Water Farm ~ May 03

The day is warm so cocktails, spiced with lemon and lovage, are served outside with artful baskets of grilled toasts, spring herb chevre and pickled spring garlic.

Cocktails by the Sea

Lemon and Lovage

Saltwater Farm ~ May 05

There is a buzz of anticipation. A couple is arriving and the young man intends to propose by the water's edge. At last we see them slowly walking toward the shore. Another guest, unaware of the unfolding event, seems to think that is an attractive destination too. Ladleah, one of the talented chefs, quickly follows to intercept the guest so the moment won't be spoiled.


There is a chill in the air as the sun sinks lower and we retreat inside to the long country table set with brimming jars of fresh bright daffodils and glowing candles. I think, if she said "yes", they will walk back up the hill holding hands.

Daffodils and Candlelight


A happy cheer of congratulations erupts from all the assembled guests!


The Hearth

A fire crackles in the kitchen fireplace which also serves to keep the food warm. The menu reflects the season.

First ~ Herbed Gnocchi, Brown Butter, Fiddleheads

Second ~ Lettuce and Lovage Soup, Preserved Lemon

Third ~ Hake, Farro, Golden Brook Farm Greens, Saltwater Farm Asparagus, Sorrel Vinaigrette

To Finish ~ Hazelnut Chocolate Brandy Cake with Wooly Apple Mint Ice Cream

Hazelnut Chocolate Brandy Cake

At the conclusion of this wonderful supper, the young women of Saltwater Farm sing a love song to the newly engaged couple.



And after affectionate goodbyes, the Super Moon lights our long drive home.


  1. What a a lovely way to propose. Sounds like a magic dinner for all!

    1. Hello Polly! Saltwater Farm is such a special place. I wonder if that sweet couple had any idea how enchanted we would be by their special moment!

      thanks for stopping by!

  2. Perfect evening! What a wonderful memory for them! We are going to try to make it to a meal there sometime-it looks heavenly! Glad to see a pic of you finally-maybe I'll recognize you at the farmers market or 'round town!!

    1. Thank you Rain! I'm glad they picked May and not June!

      If you go to Saltwater Farm, bring your camera! I'm sure you will love it...and I would love to see it through your eyes!


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