Monday, December 12, 2011

Cooper for One Year

Two little milestones, not very big in the greater scheme of things. Today I have been blogging for two years and tomorrow is our first anniversary with Cooper, the little dachshund the gentleman placed in our care. It was a stormy drive from Maine to Boston's Logan airport and the ground was slick with snow and ice. A triangle of anxiety formed from Michigan, Washington D.C. and New England for the wee fellow locked in his crate, somewhere en route. Our GPS collapsed in frustration while we negotiated the spaghetti bowl of roads around huge cargo buildings searching for Delta. At last we were there with time to let Shiner, our shih tzu, amble on a patch of grass and locate a tree for future use, which I was pretty sure our new family member would need after his long flight. We paced, the plane was late, the plane arrived, and soon two brown eyes peered through the door; instant love. Below, a few highlights of Cooper for one year.

Neutral Territory!

Cooper's first encounter with 11 year old Shiner who was not amused. Our idea was to introduce them on neutral territory before getting back in the car for the long drive back to Maine. The uppity shih tzu was not amused.


Instant bonding, in fact, Cooper is in a similar position right now!

Cold Morning ~ Warm Breakfast!

Breakfast on a cold was about this time that Cooper had located all the heat vents. Click on the photo to see the temperature.

Cooper & Hazel Napping

Cooper goes to Connecticut and meets Hazel, his soul mate

Story Time

....and another!

Cold Wet Nose

The gentleman arrives for Christmas and Cooper's new life comes full circle.

Salt Water Scents

Cooper discovers Mere Point, seaweed, salt water, shore scents,

So Little...


Boat Dog!



and new friends!

New Friends!

The beginning of the Cooperdoodles!

On the Road

A wistful goodbye to summer...

Summer's Over

...and hello winter!


  1. Hello Carol:
    These are such a delightful and thoroughly entertaining series of images of Cooper. He is absolutely adorable and must give you a great deal of pleasure. Animals are the greatest of companions, and this is so much so of dogs which really do become trusted friends.

    Many congratulations on your blog anniversary - no mean feat!

  2. What a year! Here's wishing you and Coopie lots more love and adventures in 2012. xoxoxo

  3. I still think there is a book in there you two. Hoping Cooper stays clear of the holiday scotch.

  4. In the great scheme of things an intelligent and beautiful blog if a real treasure. Congratulations on two years! I'm very happy you blog and that you have such an eminence grise in Cooper.

  5. Are you in town? Nary a sighting.

    And.....And....happy blogiversary. I did not realize that my blog is only 3 days older than yours. It must have been something in the air---or the influence of one JCB...

    Cheers---see you around the P.O.

  6. Jane & Lance ~ Thank you for your good wishes and kind comment about the photo series. The days are sweeter and punctuated with much laughter since the little dachshund's arrival in Maine!

    Janet ~ So much better than the camel and goat bride price we discussed...and he came with a crate! xoxo

    home before dark ~ Laughed out loud at your comment, and put scotch on the grocery list! I wish I'd blogged (and doodled!) all the other dogs, each one was extraordinary and all so different.

    blue ~ Truly a lovely comment and thank you for your visits to my corner of Maine. What a joy a click will take me to beauty and inspiration in "The Blue Remembered Hills!"

    Dilettante ~ Can't believe we've missed one another at the Post Office! I'm the pack horse under a mound of boxes!

    I do remember we started blogging at the same time, only you knew what you were doing (I had a lot to catch up on with computers!) That rascal, JCB, made it look easy! Congratulations and thank have brought our area to life!


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