Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pine Sap and Omega Bursts


Our Christmas ritual begins with the wreath on the door. Women usually make them, snipping the brush and wiring the pieces to round frames of all sizes. The wreaths are lush, thick, fragrant and very fresh...and quite a few remain on the doors (still green!) until Easter! When I bought mine, the woman apologized for the condition of her hands. I said she should be proud, the wreaths are beautiful and it wouldn't be Christmas without them. I asked if I could photograph her hands for my blog to honor the work of the wreathmakers. I think she was pleased. She said Dawn Liquid is the best for removing pine sap, even after all this time in Maine, there is always something new to learn!


Our next stop is Sullivan Harbor Farm in Hancock, Maine for a filet of smoked salmon for my Dad...and a little for us and the wiener dog (a newly acquired taste for him!) My camera was out in an instant when I caught sight of the glistening mound of filets and the gentleman slicing away the dark strips with lightening speed. The woman helping us explained those are the rich, flavorful omega bursts which they began selling a year ago, now immensely popular and a yummy alternative to fish oil capsules. We bought two containers of bite size pieces, maple smoked and Cajun seasoned.


I took shot after shot hoping to catch the omega burst in mid air!


A young woman weighs and packages smoked salmon.


They freeze beautifully, so you can stock up for the Holiday and beyond!


  1. Beautiful/fresh slices of salmon there. I bet they taste yummy too.

  2. Hello:
    There is such delight to be had in witnessing at first hand the work of artisans in creating their products with tender care. Oh how we should love some of the smoked salmon. It looks so delicious.

  3. I learned about Goo Gone in the local hardware store one December after cutting white pine branches for our door decorations. Works like magic! (My mom and dad used to use turpentine.)

  4. de engineur ~ Thank you for stopping by! Yes, the product is unbelievably fresh and delicious!

    Jane and Lance ~ Hello! So glad you enjoyed the visit to Sullivan Harbor Farm. I wish I could share this with you!

    Mike ~ I agree, Goo Gone is a miracle substance. I love it for getting those sticky price tags off purchases!


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