Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Small Wonder

the Day After Christmas 09

Lately I've been increasingly drawn to the blurred boundaries between painting and photography. So far, light, motion and dreaded noise have been my mainstay of tools in an effort to produce an atmosphere...of something ineffable in the images.

A wonderful new macro lens was under the tree this year and I'm very excited about the possibilities! The sun was shining brightly the day after our Christmas snowfall. I dodged icy clumps dropping from the trees while protecting my new treasure and discovering a glittering world of small wonders. Click on the photos to view in a larger size and to see the layered tones and shapes.

The Day After Christmas 08

The Day After Christmas 07

The Day After Christmas 05

The Day After Christmas 04

The Day After Christmas 03

The Day After Christmas 02

The best gift that wasn't beneath the Christmas tree arrived on this day a number of years ago. She arrived four days late, howling and with a mop of dark hair. Hands and feet impossibly tiny. My small wonder. If you have a moment, stop by JCB and wish her a happy birthday. XO to you, Janet.


  1. Painting or photography? I say 'pure art'. These are so very lovely, Carol. You must be so happy with your new lens. Are you sharing specs on what it is? You should hang these in a gallery. ( No kidding. ) Happy Macro! ;o)

  2. Mike ~ Such kind words, thank you! Yes, I'm thrilled and I need to spend a lot of time, practice and reading as there are so many new things to consider. As for specs, just click on any of my images. Almost all will take you to Flickr. On the upper right hand side of the page is my buddy icon, underneath is the camera I used. Click on the camera description and the exif data will appear. There is a wealth of information. I often check out my contact's info as it is a great way to learn how they achieved an effect (other than photoshop.)

  3. Such loveliness, thank you. I'm glad to be your daughter. xo

  4. Dear one, I'm just as full of wonder today as I was then. Happy birthday with all my love xo.


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