Friday, November 19, 2010

Veiled ~ Random Memory #22 ~ Iran

Painting on glass ~ Iran 

Random Memory #22 ~ Iran

When Peter and I compare our growing facility with Farsi, we can't help but notice our vocabularies reflect our separate lives in Iran. His is more practical and includes business terms, although he rarely indicates he has the ability. Not surprisingly, mine mirrors the world of women and, of course, the time I spend with Goli who has been my teacher and daily companion.

Goli always wears her chador when she is not in the house and, although she is comfortable in Peter's presence, she scurries downstairs to retrieve the veil if he arrives home unexpectedly. I do not think Amir insists as he is used to women at work in business clothes and I have only felt genuine affection and respect when we see one another. Rather, I think this is Goli's choice, an outward symbol of her faith. Curious, one day I ask her if a woman delivered Essie. "No", she says, "the doctor was a man and I wouldn't let him look at me...he punched me hard. I was unconscious." I am appalled, but Goli is clearly pleased at the memory.


  1. This is a very scary story. A vast leap from one culture to the other.

  2. I am appalled too. It's hard to understand how they can accept such things as 'normal' isn't it? I like your painting on glass photo, such rich colours too.

  3. Barbara & June ~ Yes, it was a huge leap from one culture to another. At the time I tried very hard to listen and not be (too) judgmental. Writing the "Random Memories" is a way for me to come to terms with that. I do know that "normal" (for me) changed forever.

  4. Thanks for sharing these stories - very interesting to hear about such a different culture. I have an Iranian friend who has invited me to go and visit her family, so I may get to experience it, if briefly.

  5. It is hard to understand, I think what we can do- no try, we never will. I have to say though, your own idea about her choice pleases me-we have to find a common point, No?

  6. Rachel ~ I have every confidence that you will make the most of a visit to Iran.

    PGT ~ It was not a one way struggle toward understanding and I am not sure Goli and I ever reached that point, but there was genuine love between us. This is what I feel the need to express all these years later.

    Warm wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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