Friday, November 5, 2010

Still Life Compositions ~ or where did that hour go?

I often see exquisite still life compositions on Flickr. The shot has been carefully planned in advance with tripod and camera settings exactly where they should be. Delicate light brushes the objects with precision and the colors look like treasure from an open casket of jewels. I always marvel at the composition and the wonderful depth of field. I'll confess my shots are often spur of the moment, could say hap hazard. I'm too lazy to go and find my tripod, but there is another reason to avoid delaying the shot. I blame it on Maine's gorgeous northern light and the angle that changes in the blink of an eye...just as our seasons do. I think, "quickly, get this!" and I shoot and shoot and shoot and a morning, afternoon, or twilight melts away.


  1. That table top is pretty nearly heavenly...

  2. Carol What is a Flickr Group? How do I get the photo you like to that group? email me at Thank you. Barbara

  3. I love these! Especially the last one. I've never really taken the time to make montages like this... but then, you know I normally photograph landscapes and people.

  4. Thanks Barbara! I hope you got my email!
    Rachel ~ Your landscapes are so accomplished!


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