Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo and the Year of the Snake

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It will be dark soon. The wind has picked up rattling the windows and snow swirls in dense clouds of haphazard patterns. The sound is similar to a low muffled roar rising and falling with each powerful gust. We probably have at least 24 inches of snow....and counting!

Nemo! Since when did winter storms have names?

#maine Path for Cooper!

Creating a path for Cooper is the first order of the day. No doubt mini dachshund companions all over the northeast were out with their shovels and snowblowers this morning!

Little Garter Snake

It's Chinese New Year today, the Year of the Snake!

2012 brought profound changes and challenges for my children and parents. I am so proud of their grace, humor and courage. Happy New Year!

The Year of the Snake

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