Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cold is so Clean

We had a January thaw, a tease that left bare ground giving us an opportunity for walks without the threat of hidden ice, or ankle breaking depressions underfoot.

Ice Floe

We could see wind rippled water, sapphire blue, between the ice floes in the bay. Slanted light left long shadows across dull brown grass...and then it snowed again. It was just a dusting that arrived with frigid temperatures that burned skin with a numbing intensity.

The following photos were taken with a wide angle lens. Clicking on the images will reveal more detail.

Shadow on Snow

View of Blue Hill

A Cold Afternoon

Cold is so Clean

Cold is so clean.


  1. Hello Carol:
    The cleanliness of the cold really does have an appeal. For ourselves, we never mind the winter at all, often thinking the colder the better.

    Your images are simply wonderful and we love the contrasts of blue and white and grey.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Your encouraging words are always a morale boost. Thank you!

      In Maine, our winter inevitably oozes into "mud season"...which is spring for everyone else. That is when I truly miss the cold!

  2. Looking at your cold blue day almost made my nose bleed! Love the shadows!

    Last Friday night we got a small dusting of unexpected snow, quieting the landscape and giving us pause to think about our almost not winter. I told my husband that I wasn't ready to head into spring/summer (there isn't much delay these days) without another, bigger snow.

    Well, batten down the hatches. Here it comes. What started out as 2-4 inches is starting to reach Urban Legend proportions. The weather reports maybe 6" maybe 10." Who knows? My beloved left for Palm Springs early this morning (the traitor) and I'll be here to snuggle into the snow-filled night.

    ps That Hazel has the most love-yearning eyes!

    1. home before dark ~ I laughed out loud at your "cold blue day" comment because that is exactly what happens.

      Nothing surprises me about your weather. There is nothing to stop it...it just rolls right through! If you were closer I'd send Cooper over as a loaner. He's the best hot water bottle we've ever had...and Hazel is a close second! Stay safe and warm!


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