Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January Thaw

Snowy View from Upstairs

Little Book by the Window

It was a somber Holiday season for many of us. Every carol seemed a rebuke and the lights were dimmer in the wake of the Newtown killings. Here at home we dug out from under two snowstorms while our hearts and attention were focused on family matters. January invites a winter state of mind, one of reflection and observation of the piercing beauty that comes with the cold.

Winter's Bite 02


Definition of an Optimist

...and we wait for the sun and signs of a thaw.

Morning Revealed

Thaw 02


  1. Hello Carol:
    How beautifully the chilling thoughts of Newtown are matched with your icy images. January, as you say,is a most curious month.Waiting seems to be a preoccupation.....but, for what?

    May spring be just around your corner and joy fill the months ahead!

    1. Thank you, Jane and Lance, for your thoughtful words and insights...and I'm gratified you feel the images reflect the sadness we all feel for the tragedy in Newtown.

      Alas, spring will be a long time coming for those of us in Maine, but I do look forward to photographing more of winter's phenomenal beauty.

  2. Loved the branch enclosed in ice. It look gilded. So lovely.

    The title of your post made me smile. When I was in high school, we performed "January Thaw." As a freshman, I got cast in the Jr-Sr play. Heady stuff. My first laugh line! I can still remember some of the lines...but hell, where did I put my keys?

    Hope all is well with your family. Winter is a time for reflection. The beauty of the light is a welcome gift. Big hugs to the Coopster.

    1. home before dark ~ Oh, I think you would be a sensation on the boards! I'm glad the title triggered such a fond memory!

      The Holidays were at times trying, but we had a wonderful Christmas day with JCB, her gentleman and puppy, Pippin! Cooper is very patient with that cute little whippersnapper who devotedly follows him around as if he walks on water! The highlight of the day was a Santa clad weenie dog puppy careening into our bedroom first thing Christmas morning!

      Happy New Year!!!

  3. Wow, thats really cold and chilling at your side. The pics look cool but I'm sure it's not easy dealing with such temperature.

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you very much! My apologies for taking so long to respond to your comment. The new year brought unexpected challenges and I have badly neglected my blog.

      It has been a very cold winter, but the cold brings incredible moments of beauty.

  4. See you are probably under the eye of the storm again. Thinking about you and that low-slung Coopster!

    1. home before dark ~ We are indeed! The power is still on and that is a huge plus, especially for Cooper. His trips outside are pretty speedy...and there's nothing to sniff because all the good stuff is under two feet of snow!


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