Sunday, November 18, 2012


Boat shoes on a Maine rock

This is an old photo of boat shoes drying out on a rock at my dear Mary's cottage. It was taken with my first cell phone camera. The image, no more than 2 megapixels, still evokes the essence of cottage life in Maine and the many happy summer afternoons I shared with my friend. There will be one pair of shoes missing next year, Mary slipped away from us in October, she was 91.

My grief is deep and profound and I have had Mary in my thoughts as we enter this Thanksgiving week. Above all I am thankful our lives were linked...and will continue to be with her wonderful family.

Mary was my mentor and she showed me how to see and appreciate Mere Point's unique beauty, particularly small things. A collection of delicately colored shells, a fragile seedling revealed in spring's damp earth, September's crackling black lupine pods, wildflowers and the arrival of Monarch butterflies were all close to her heart. I always think of Mary whenever, or wherever I picked up my camera. There is no manual or piece of equipment as valuable as seeing my world through her eyes.

The following photos are the seasons of Mary's Mere Point.

Autumn Walk

October Birch

The frozen shore

Afternoon light


The Borrower's Gold Coins

Mary's Dock

Daisies by the Shore ~ Mary's Cottage

Storm on the Way 02


View of Sister's & Williams Islands

Just Resting


Farewell Lupine! 02

September Night

For Mary, with gratitude and love.


  1. Nice shots here; pic#2 is terrific.

    The pollinating bee would be great if it's in focus. But this always happen with moving subjects.

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you! And yes, that's the photographer's dilemma...especially with macro! I wanted to catch the bee, but decided to focus on the rose.

  2. Whenever you wrote about Mary, you love always came shining through. As much as you are grateful that she was your mentor, I'm sure Mary was grateful to have you listen, to learn and to love Maine as she did. Sorry fr your loss, but beyond glad she was in your life.

    As for the discussion above about choosing what's the focus, the depth of field of life has a way of choosing its own frame. Here in Kansas, I raise a glass to loving beauty as it is found and for the great friends who come into our lives to share their plentitude.

    1. home before dark ~ Thank you for a comment that fills a void and shines light on loss. Mary would have loved it too.

      Wishing you and yours blessings and happiness on Thanksgiving.


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