Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pine Tree State

We have an abundance of pine trees in Maine. They cover miles of our unorganized territories, line our highways and country roads and soften our gardens. The tall pines add color to the landscape throughout our long winter and pine cones decorate our Christmas mantels. Pine cones make excellent fire starters on a frigid winter's night and the fragrant boughs are made into wreaths that grace homes all over the country every Holiday season. They are so numerous that we often don't see the trees for the forest!

The pines are particularly beautiful in June with their contrasting bright green new growth. My challenge to myself was to capture the color and light in as many ways as possible. Below are some of the photos from my project.

Pine Tree State 04

Pine Tree State 03

Pine Tree State 02

Pine Tree State 01






Happy Thanksgiving from the Pine Tree State!

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