Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo ~ Downeast Style


Even under dark low clouds, a few days have brought a slight tinge of green to the rocky slope on Caterpillar Hill in Sedgwick. May in Maine...and we are on our way to El El Frijoles!


On a previous outing, I took a photo of El El Frijoles (the best name for a Mexican restaurant in Maine!) and posted the image on Flickr. The owner left a comment to say they would be cooking up chilis rellenos for Cinco de Mayo so off we went...joining neighbors for a celebration, Downeast style!



All fresh organic ingredients in the chilis rellenos!


On the drive home, we notice pretty reflections on a pond just over the Sedgwick line, in Brooksville. The scene looks peaceful and idyllic...


but on closer inspection...



the seagulls were having a little celebration of their own! It is not unusual to be one of the "chosen" in Maine and sometimes their selection seems arbitrary. The gulls relentlessly perched on Peter's boat motor one summer making an awful mess. He tried everything he could think of to scare them off including a fanciful whirligig and netting. The birds appeared to enjoy the challenge! Our mooring was dropped a few yards away the following summer and the seagulls chose another boat.

Happy spring! Happy May...summer is coming!


  1. Hello Carol:
    In some ways we are heartened to see the mess made by the seagulls of Maine to know that we are not singled out for special attention by those in Brighton where, all too often, they make frequent use of our wide windowsills.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance, you are not alone!

  2. Those gulls threw one heck of a margarita party!!!


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