Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At Home in Maine

I've neglected my own beautiful state on this site in recent months. There was more travel than usual, but also our "open winter" (as many locals call a winter with bare ground) did not fuel my imagination. There were few snow laden pine boughs, vistas of white and cold light through ice. I hasten to add if last winter was not inspiring from a photographer's point of view, it was very much appreciated from a personal perspective!

Sedgwick, Maine

Spring in Sedgwick, Maine. This and the following photos were taken a few days ago.

In my corner of Maine, gardens, woods and shore are slowly awakening...far behind spring in other locales. Buds are swelling and forsythia is at its peak. There are other flowers too, bluets, dandelions and an occasional periwinkle; small shy blooms hugging the warmed earth. it is still too soon to expose a long slender stem to cold night temperatures and icy wind driven rain. Nevertheless, winter's dull browns are softened by a fresh green filter through the trees and some lawns have had a first mowing. Tightly curled ferns nestle by streams and soon fiddleheads will be on the dinner table.

Good Honest Bones 04

Forsythia brightens this abandoned and weathered old home with its good honest bones in Brooklin, Maine.

Blue Hill ~ early spring 01

Blue Hill ~ early spring 02

...and this Flickr comment on spring in Maine from a Mainer living in Alaska.

"Open water?!?!! I am now officially homesick."

Blue Hill ~ early spring 03


With a view of Blue Hill Mountain.


the last five images are all of Blue Hill, Maine.

The month of May is bringing two more gifts, brighter and sweeter than any spring flower. JCB and her gentleman are beginning a new chapter. Soon, they will be at home in Maine.


  1. beautiful captures complemented with refreshing blue sky!

  2. Hello Carol:
    And, what glorious countryside awaits you in Maine. These pictures look wonderful and so exciting to be beginning this new chapter of your lives. We wish you every happiness!

    1. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Thank you! I hope these photos describe a little of our state's loveliness. As much as I like to travel, my heart is in Maine and to have our daughter and son-in-law closer is a joy!

  3. No greater gift than healthy, loving children nearby. And no greater gift to the history of Maine than these two of yours.

    1. Barbara ~ Thank you, you are as dear to them as they to you. We love Maine, but it has been so hard to have our children so far away. I can't adequately express how happy we are knowing they will be closer.

  4. Isn't it funny? Here I am, no more than three miles from any of the last five scenes, nor ten miles from the first two (is not Sedgwick one of the most perfect villages, there on the bend of the river?). I've passed by three of those scenes at least twice today, I'll see them again tomorrow, and yet, here I am just as delighted seeing them again through your eyes this evening. There is no such thing as too much Blue Hill. Remind me in August that I said that. See you at the Post Office.

    1. DED ~ Sedgwick has always been a favorite of mine fact these photos are a result of my wanting to drive over there. You may recall that Saturday was such a pretty day and I was hoping for some good light and evidence of spring!

      Ah, but Blue are right, there is no such thing as too much Blue Hill. I'll remind you in February! We need to celebrate Maine's population increase of 2 !!!

  5. You must be so pleased to have JCB & the gentleman arriving practically on your doorsteps!
    Loving that abandoned white house!

    1. Stefan ~ We are so excited to know JCB and her gentleman will soon be in Maine!!! We are happy to think you will be visiting too!

      I love that old's as Maine as you can get!


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