Thursday, February 10, 2011

When the Day Ends

Night Falls on a Blizzard
Taken 2 January, 2010. I remember a fierce blizzard roared through that night. Light through the window illuminated the ghostly snow laden branches outside,

Candle light
Another image taken on 2 January, but in 2009. I loved the way the candle-lights left subtle reflections on the woodwork.

Setting sun reflected on Spring snow melt ~ 24 March 2009
A setting sun on spring snow melt, taken 24 March, 2009.

Dark World
The day before the Winter Solstice, 20 December, 2009 as I awaited word from JCB. Another storm and another Christmas with uncertain travel plans. Honestly, sometimes I wish Christmas was in July!

A shot through the cottage window at dusk, 13 August, 2009.

I always wonder if my camera will see the same dark shadows and reflected light when evening fades to night. I like the spontaneity of capturing the atmosphere as the day comes to a close so I seldom use a flash or a tripod. I love the unpredictable results and even the inevitable noise.


  1. Love these photos and especially your new header. Makes me think spring is actually coming. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Barbara...and I appreciate your feedback on the header! I wanted to do a little blog house cleaning, freshen the look and post photos in a larger size.

  3. So good to have a meeting with you at the Post Office yesterday. The March photo makes me ache---bare ground!!! Been awhile since we saw any of that. I love the first and last photos in particular.

  4. Dilettante ~ I'd forgotten how much fun it is to go to the Post office! Thank you for your comment on the photos...and Happy Valentine's Day!


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