Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It was a week of atrocities in the news and, at home, one week since we lost little Shiner. I don't remember the weather much except for the glum cloud over our house which is not our usual disposition at all.

There was a hint of promise this morning; not evidence of spring's pale tender shoots, but a day that was crisp and Peter and I drove into Sunshine, Sunshine, Maine on Deer Isle. I realized I was not yet ready for spring as I looked at the dazzling light across the snow with trees casting long shadows. I love the flinty glints like rough diamonds across the surface of broken chunks of ice created by the ebb and flow of the tides. I could see a watercolor wash of open water beyond the frozen shore...and then the day had one more surprise in store for us...

This small scene took my breath away with its abstract patterns of shadow blending so seamlessly with the white fence.

Utter silence, only the two of us to witness these soft subtle colors and lovely reflections in the open water.

Peter saw the seal first as we crept down a road that was already bone jarring with frost heaves...perhaps a good thing, otherwise we might have missed him!

Sunshine, Maine 05

High banks of plowed snow make it almost impossible to pull off the road, but we fortunately found a spot. I thought surely the seal will hear the click of the car door, the sound of my breath, or sense movement on shore. He did! That glorious creature looked in my direction, arched his back and fanned his flippers several times in greeting before settling down again for his snooze in the sunshine.

I did not find the second surprise, which arrived as a comment on my previous post, until sometime later. Spindrift, Maine has honored me with a Stylish Blogger award and with very kind words that have touched me deeply. She is a new Maine coast blogger and a talented photographer, both intuitive and in tune with our world of rock, pine, salt spray and luminous light. Spindrift, Maine is a wonderful place to visit with her blend of no-nonsense New England wisdom and her eye for beauty.


  1. Sis,
    It looks like you earned the seal of approval!

  2. Oh my -these are absolutely beautiful photos of my home! I Miss Maine!-but will be back soon- we live near the coast of Maine also!-been away for a few weeks. Love just finding your blog -thru spindrift! Have a wonderful week,Rain

  3. Hi Lil' Bro! I did...isn't he magnificent!

    Rain ~ Thank you! I'm thrilled to meet some Maine coast folks on blogger and I am so happy you stopped by....Welcome! I've been enjoying spindrift's posts too!

    Safe travels, we have some nasty weather coming in tomorrow!

  4. Your brother took the words right out of my brain! What a delicious gift. Loved the shadows and lights of your photographs as always and this little gem: watercolor wash of open water.

    Here in Kansas a few miles from your pun-stealing brother we've seen Mother Nature cook up her bad weather casserole: rain, sleet, snow, ice...sometimes all at once. I don't know if this one is coming your did say you're not ready for winter to be over. I'm just saying...lookout!

  5. Thanks for your very kind words, Carol.... I was just taking photos of ice chunks yesterday. Yours are far superior. (Maybe I should try a time earllier than dusk next time! ;o) ) I love your stretching seal!

  6. home before dark ~ Thank you very much...Haha! There must be something in the (ice) water that makes you punners so eloquent in Kansas! Yes, I should have been more circumspect about my winter views, the snow is coming down hard and fast. I feel like I am in a snow globe! Cooper has been barking and running back and forth between me and the heat vent. I know what he's saying..."Turn it on!"

    spindrift ~ Thank you...and you are welcome! I'm sure your ice chunks will be beautiful and dusk is one of my favorite times for photography. Hope to see your photos on your blog!

  7. A gift from the photo gods. I think the day, the sunshine, and the grand Mr. Seal more than make up for the photo card disaster!

  8. Janet, I agree...although for one heartstopping moment, I thought your wedding pictures were on there....but they are on the OTHER camera! The "photo gods" indeed! xo


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