Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Morning

This morning from my Window
Shot, in color, on my Android phone

An historic storm that has affected nearly everyone in the country. It was old news by the time it reached Maine and, in fact, we have gotten off lightly. Our power is on and dinner, made this morning with more than a mild sense of optimism, is simmering in the crockpot. So much snow...the view from my window never seems to change.

Looking Out 01
Layered texture on a winter wonderland

Double Trouble!
Shot and processed on my Android phone with PicSay

Another view from my window using a mirror image app on my phone. The result is like a howling winter monster. I warmed the tones to give my creation life.

Blue Hill, Maine

Icy beauty in my small town where even the salt water bay freezes. The tide shifts the frozen water creating impossibly lovely textures across the landscape. The wind bites and it is difficult to control a camera with numb fingers and the ground is treacherous under my feet.

Evidence of Summer 02

I think there is nothing lovelier than long blue shadows across pristine snow and remnants of the previous summer that survive one storm after another. It has been a harsh winter, but there are always unexpected gifts wherever you look.

I'm sure the Groundhog didn't see his shadow in Maine today!

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  1. Love the snow throught the window lace. Thanks for posting.

  2. Perhaps I've mentioned before I love snow scenes and I want to tell you what a delight your first photograph is. All your images are beautiful but I wonder why some photographs speak more to one than others. Anyroad, that view framed by translucent curtains is what delighted me as I opened your post this morning.

  3. I thought we might need to send in the Huskies. I love all of the snow beauties, but I'm drawn to the droid one. It's almost like damask wallpaper. We got over 9" of snow, blizzard considitions and last night a minus 8 low temp (real not "feels like). We had no power outage, but we had to prepare as we were going to have one. It does make you pause. Hope Cooper and The Dowager Pet Rock have come to terms...if not endearment.

  4. harumph. Love your pictures. Hate the snow.

  5. Barbara, thank you very much!

    Blue ~ Thank you! A planned photograph with careful settings may be more beautiful, but that was a spontaneous shot and I think sometimes those work the best as they capture exactly what you are feeling at the moment. So happy you saw that!

    home before dark ~ My brother lives in KC so I have been following your atrocious weather...and he has a pack of short legged dogs too!

    Cooper came up with the perfect solution to cold weather two days ago. He knows exactly when the heat comes on and then drags his fleece blanket to the vent (and this is a wonder to see!) with great finesse wraps himself up like a little burrito, head and all! As for the ice princess, out of sight, out of mind....but they are amicably licking dinner plates together!

    Dilettante ~ Thank you! ...This is "harumph season"....marginally better than "mud season!"


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