Monday, October 4, 2010

谢谢你!亲爱的。~ The Power of Images

                   Little dog enjoying a Starbucks outing in Washington, D.C.  

The Chinese characters in the title mean "Thank you! Dear"  and is one of a series of comments under the photo above on Flickr. The image is nothing special, just a lucky zoom shot at Starbucks, but the human/canine relationship is universal. For months now, my Chinese friend and I have relied on "Google Translate" to communicate in words, a relationship that began with pictures of our very different worlds. I have seen indescribable scenes of Chinese antiquity, breathtaking views of the countryside, glorious temples and Holiday shots of the Great Wall on her photo stream. My friend has photographed her office and the park where she rides her bike and, through her eyes, I have seen festivals and family celebrations. In return, she has come to know the beauty of my small town and coastal life in Maine. My blog is closed to her; she is not allowed access. She is one of many contacts all across the globe, all of us united by the wonder of each other's photographs. Our governments and politicians should take note.

"Thank you! Dear."

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  1. Oh Carol, this is just what we were talking about the other day...why can't we all just live and let live, and all countries get along?

    naive of me maybe, but....

  2. Dilettante, when I read so many beautiful blogs and view the wave of images on Flickr from all over the world, I know there are many who feel as we do.


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