Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pleasantly Creepy

"The Prize" 9 July, 2009, Brunswick, Maine.

I dislike photos that are blatantly ugly, violent, or anything depicting cruelty. I do love the challenge of creating an image that gives the viewer that subtle frisson, a tingling of goosebumps and the hint of a story....a late night tale told in front of a dwindling fire and cold tea leaves in the bottom of a thick mug by your side...

And some of the tools besides an overactive imagination? An off kilter angle,  a little judicious cropping and a tiny bit of processing will take you to my "Twilight Zone."

"Exposed Roots" 1 July, 2009, Pinegrove Cemetery, Brunswick, Maine.

"Come In" 16 May, 2009, Blue Hill, Maine.

"The Trunk on the Third Floor" 12 March, 2009. My haunted house. And! You might want to check out this link! Happy Halloween!


  1. Love "Come in." A perfect Halloween temptation.

  2. Thank you Barbara! That's one of my favorites too!


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