Monday, August 20, 2012

Ineffable Blue

Island! 05

Photo taken in July, 2011 on a small Maine island.

My cell phone rings while I'm in a doctor's waiting room, it is Peter calling from the road. I speak softly not wishing to disturb anyone. I say I can't talk right now, I tell him I wish I was with him, to drive safely and that I love him.

An elderly man is sitting nearby. He is rail thin, a cane by his side. His white hair is knotted in a wispy ponytail that does not match the silver cloud volume of his beard. His eyes are so blue. He says, "that was a beautiful message."


  1. Hello Carol:
    This is absolutely lovely in every respect - your message to Peter, the elderly man's response. A complete short story, wonderful!

    We leave for Venice this evening where we hope the lagoon will be as blue.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance ~ Thank you for your lovely comment! Wishing you a heavenly time in that glorious city. Oh, to be in Venice again!


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