Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tortuguero ~ Lots of Turtles

The Place of the Turtles 06

Tortuguero means lots of turtles and it is on this stretch of the Caribbean coast, in Costa Rica, that Green Sea Turtles come to nest. It was the wrong time of year so we didn't see the remarkable spectacle of the turtles emerging from the sea to lay their eggs. They return again and again to this place of crashing waves and riptides in spite of being harvested and threatened by logging activity in years past. The area became a national park in 1970. Although an eco-tourist destination, the shoreline is remote, there are no roads. The only access is by plane or boat. A short path from the beach brings one to Tortuguero Village with its population of roughly 500.

The Place of the Turtles 05

The Place of the Turtles 04

The Place of the Turtles 02

Sea foam and tropical haze from drenching humidity give the shoreline a unique atmosphere. One wonders if a velociraptor will come crashing through the dense growth at any moment, but there goes my overactive imagination again!


  1. The scenery is so lovely, it'd be great to see the pics in larger sizes.

    1. de engineur ~ Thank you very much! To see the photos in a larger size, click on the image. This will take you to Flickr, then hit L to view even larger in light box.

  2. i love that place... been there to see the turtles lay their eggs... amazing!

    1. Punctuation Mark ~ I loved it too, it was one of my most favorite places in Costa Rica. How exciting to actually SEE the turtles!!!


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